sábado, 23 de março de 2019

Prêmio Sabotage 2019 - São Paulo/SP

Parabéns aos/às organizadores/as e aos/às vencedores/as 
do Prêmio Sabotage 2019.

... Que a nossa cultura hip-hop continue forte!

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quinta-feira, 21 de março de 2019

Prêmio Sabotage 2019

Já é uma grande satisfação o fato de estar
concorrendo a uma das categorias
do Prêmio Sabotage 2019...

Será amanhã... Bora chegar!

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sábado, 16 de março de 2019

I research, because I’m curious...

... I research because I’m curious ... And curiosity makes me think and act ...

... I research because I have a desire for change!

... I try to preserve that curiosity of child, which sometimes, when encountering an object, looks, touches, names it in their own way, and asks, “What is this?”


Thus, research, for me today, is also a struggle, activism, resistance, and creative activity. A way to break through social barriers and produce answers, suggestions. And identify new issues in our daily lives ...

Hence ... I have reached the end of one more path (but the journey continues...). I have concluded my post-doc in Social Psychology by PUC-SP, under the supervision of Professor Vicentin, who honored me with her competence and knowledge, and guided me through. Thank you! I am grateful to the researchers from the Center for Institutional and Collective Logical Studies and Research (Nuplic), a group space in which I was able to learn, exchange information, and reflect. I thank the young people interviewed, the Hip-Hop culture partners, and the companions in the struggle and research, for the discussions and for the valuable contributions!

The research developed – Processes for Subjectivation of Peripheral Youth:
 recognition, hip-hop culture, and everyday life – served as support for the preparation of a scientific article, which will be published in a timely manner.


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